home sick + tailgate weekend & traveling with baby

Posted: October 29th, 2014

auburn tailgate

I’m home sick today, which I feel guilty about (like I don’t deserve a day in bed to read and watch cooking shows and write and watch Gilmore Girls and maybe catch up on Parenthood).  But such is life, and mostly I am just thankful Gerrit can stay home from work today so that I can have as little contact with Evelyn as possible in the hopes of not getting her sick.  My fever seems to be dropping on its own a bit this morning, so I’m hoping all will be well soon.

But, seeing as how I have been ordered to bed for the rest of the day (thanks Gerrit…really) I suppose its time to catch up on some blogging.  We should start with this weekend I suppose (and which I wanted to post about Monday…but then there were 10 loads of laundry and a baby who wouldn’t nap…and then on Tuesday there was work and then the whole getting a fever thing).  So here we are on Wednesday talking about the weekend.

We went down to Auburn this weekend for Evelyn’s first car trip/tailgate/Auburn visit.  It was fun and good, but to be honest most of what I could think of was that scene in Modern Family when they go to Hawaii and Claire says “I’m a mom travelling with my kids.  To me, this is a business trip.”

My goal for the weekend was to survive and for things to go as smoothly as possible.  And I think they did.  Evelyn was a trooper on Friday with so much time in the car, then time in her car seat in the stroller, then running errands.

Saturday at the tailgate was a bit more rough…she had a blast with all the new people and places, but as a result she wouldn’t nap much and so we ended the day with an exhausted baby (and because the football game was a night game we didn’t actually get settled in bed until about 1:00 in the morning).


It was fun, it really was.  I loved getting to tote Evelyn around Auburn for her first time and take a picture in front of the sign (and think that in 21 years or so we might be taking the same pictures except with a cap and gown).  I loved tailgating with my family and walking around town on a game day.  I loved going to the game.

But mostly I am proud that we made it through the weekend relatively smoothly.  I figured out breastfeeding Evelyn without a go-to familiar place.  We figured out how to make car trips with her go as smoothly as possible (timing it with a normal nap, and making a good long stop for lunch).  We learned that keeping her out until almost midnight doesn’t have to throw her off too much as long as we try to get her sleep as much as possible while out in the evening.  I learned that we can all survive having the sleep schedule thrown off a bit, and while we had a VERY sleepy Sunday with her and a refusing-to-nap-for-longer-than-30-minutes Monday, she took normal naps yesterday.

So here we are mid-week, I am home sick, there are still about 5 piles of laundry on our bedroom floor, and we had a rough night last night sleep wise (both baby and thunder and lightning related), but we are surviving it all.  I think that’s one of the biggest lessons motherhood is teaching me: just make it through and call it good (because it really is).

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tailgate tea (+ a tailgate shower)

Posted: October 21st, 2014

tailgate tea

My parents and their friends threw a wedding shower this weekend for some of our good friends–a friend I have known since the day I was born and his fiance (who happens to be the daughter of my mom’s college roommate….small world).  And since it is fall and Auburn is a big part of their lives (and ours), it seemed appropriate to throw them an Auburn themed backyard tailgate shower. Read more »

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roasted red pepper pasta

Posted: October 16th, 2014

roasted red pepper pasta

I have made it no secret in the past that I do not like tomatoes.  And that’s a hard thing to deal with in life.  All the time I read a recipe for a pasta or a stew and think, “Oh, this sounds good!” and then I get to the last ingredient on the list and it is always tomatoes.

So pasta sauces have been a bit hard for me.  The plus side of this is that I’ve discovered some really great pasta dishes like pasta with sausage and tuscan beans and pasta with garlic and olive oil and mushroom marsala pasta.  The down side of this is that every single one of these pasta dishes is beige colored.  Not that there’s a problem with that.  But I’ve been generally teased throughout my life about my preference of beige plates. Read more »

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a day in the life {with a 2 month old}

Posted: October 13th, 2014

Just a typical day at home right now.  Tuesday, October 7.

8 am

8:00 a.m.  I let Evelyn sleep in a little bit later because we had all had a horrible night of sleep the night before.  She normally sleeps through the night these days, but Tuesday morning she woke up around 2:30 and wouldn’t go back to sleep for awhile. Read more »

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5 easy health changes

Posted: October 8th, 2014

easy health changes

After my explanation the other day of my efforts to be more concscious of the sugar I’m eating, I wanted to share with you a few changes I’ve made.  Most of the them are easy switches I’ve made which I know will benefit my overall health.

{1} Using natural peanut butter instead of regular peanut butter
I eat peanut butter sandwiches A LOT.  And have you looked at the sugar content on regular peanut butter compared to natural peanut butter?  Huge difference.  But be sure to look at the sugar content of your natural peanut butter, too.  There has been at least one kind of “natural” peanut butter I’ve picked up whose sugar content and ingredient list are almost identical to my regular peanut butter.

Also, if you have trouble liking natural peanut butter, take a few weeks and mix natural and regular peanut butter together, slowly decreasing the amount of regular peanut butter you use, until you are used to the flavor of natural.

{2} Eating healthier snacks instead of sweeter snacks
I’m a horrible snacker.  I don’t snack a lot, but with Evelyn draining so much of my energy, I’m finding I usually need a little something in the afternoon.  And I’m horrible about making it something sweet.  So I’ve starting buying some of my favorite whole grain crackers and cheese for afternoon snacks, and making a healthier version of something sweet (like the peanut butter oat balls) for my inevitable sweet craving.

{3} No extra sugar in my oatmeal
I love making some quick instant oatmeal for breakfast in the morning, but I’ve always put extra brown sugar in it.  This is a really easy habit to stop.  I just slowly decreased the amount I added in over a couple of days until I stopped missing it.

{4} Eating brown rice instead of white rice
Brown rice is so much healthier than white rice (and is better for blood sugar levels), and I like it just fine.  Yet I’ve always bought white rice without thinking twice about it.  Getting brown rice instead is such an easy switch though.  The only tricky part is remembering that it takes longer to cook, so I need to throw it in my rice maker a little earlier.

{5} Less dessert
Gerrit and I always have frozen yogurt in the freezer, and it is so easy to get into the habit of eating it nightly (especially with our new favorite–magic shell topping).  I’m trying to be better about not eating it every night and just have a little piece of chocolate after dinner instead.

Any other ideas?  I’d love more ideas of easy healthy changes!

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