chocolate mint molten lava cakes


Right now it is tax season.  I have taken so many trips to the post office, that the other day when I went to buy more odd groupings of stamps, the woman at the counter looked at me and said, “Didn’t we already do this?”  The other week, I had a dream in spreadsheets.  Like not kidding, I dreamed about entering numbers into spreadsheets.  And while I realize that my work weeks are not nearly as busy as so many other people, for me (as I am trying to keep up with so many other things that make me happy in life) times are busy.  And while I enjoy the work I do (who ever thought I would no longer feel intimidated by government tax forms? I suppose it helps when you get to work with your dad every day), I’m also ready for us to all have a bit of a respite in a few weeks.

Hence, the chocolate.  (And hence me hardly being able to talk about anything but work apparently.  Also, hence the only one post last week).  And these?  These are exactly what you need when you are craving the richest chocolate dessert in existence to soothe your tired brain.  As in, so rich that I can hardly take a bite without needing to go for a giant gulp of milk.  But I mean this in such a good way.  I’ve made molten lava cakes before, but this batter hits those other ones clear out of the park.  And when you add chocolate mints?  Well, there’s just no way this can go badly.

My mother-in-law sent this too me originally as nutella molten lava cakes with the subject line “maybe the best dessert ever.”  And they were good and all, but what is really, and I mean truly, the best dessert ever, is these, when you take out the nutella and add the chocolate mint and they just sing with richness that you cannot stop eating.  Or thinking about.  Maybe I can starting dreaming about these instead of spreadsheets.



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  1. I recently had a store bought lava cake and after eating thought, “I bet these would be better if I made them myself.” Thanks for the recipe!

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