a month of meals: march 2013


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Favorite dish/meal: My favorite meals this month were the ones we had with family and friends.  And of them all, it was the quail I made with my dad, not because it was spectacular (although it was quite good), but because we made it for the family together and discovered that we make a pretty good team in the kitchen.

Other runners up: Going out to eat and having a burger followed by gelato with friends; taking Gerrit out for his birthday; throwing a shower for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law-(in-law); Easter lunch roasted leg of lamb yesterday with my family.

Least successful: I made eclair cake for Easter yesterday, which I have had so many times in my life; and yet I somehow messed up my pudding to graham cracker to chocolate frosting ratio.  And while it still tasted delicious and invoked a silent reverence at the table, it wasn’t exactly how it was supposed to be.

Also, I made chicken with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes on a Saturday night at the beginning of the month, right before we went to my first ever hockey game, and something about what I did or the chicken I bought or something of the sort made it not turn out quite right.  Somewhat dry actually.

What we ate the most of: With a busy month (lots of entertaining and family events; lots of work) there was a lot more scrounging and fast food than we have in a normal month.  Scrounging is sometimes my favorite though because it’s excuse to have a bowl of cereal or a bowl of oatmeal for dinner (or another pb&j sandwich), which is often good for the soul.

What we ate in other places:  I took Gerrit out for his birthday and has some lobster mac and cheese.  To be honest, it was the first time I had had lobster, and while I could tell it was a little overcooked and that the cheese sauce needed a bit more to it, the concept was so intriguing to me.  Gerrit, at the same place, had a burger mixed with chorizo that he seemed to love.

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