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About a month ago I had just about had it with blogging.  Gerrit and I had bought a new template for my site with the hopes of linking this site with my other site and all of the thoughts about how to do that were kind of stressing me out even though it was probably of about zero consequence to anyone else but me.

I was struggling with coming up with new things to post here (because why oh why did I want to make something new and uncertain when what I really wanted to eat was my favorite summertime chicken or my favorite homemade ice cream).

And on my other site I felt that I was slowly coming to a stop at a brick wall.  There was a time and a place for the things I needed to write there, but it was starting to seem less necessary to me.  And when we went away for a weekend or had a great and memorable meal at a restaurant, I struggled with the debate of whether to make meaning out of it here or there, because life and food can be the same and I felt like I kept repeating myself when I talked about life or food in one place or another.

So I decided I needed a break.  I needed to take some time to live life without writing about it, and I needed some time to find my way back into the kitchen without feeling any kind of pressure.

And lo and behold, I think I learned some things.

The thing is, I am a writer, not a recipe developer.  While there are sometimes recipes that I kind of come up with by mashing together bits and pieces of flavors that I like, the general amount of original thinking that goes on around here food-wise is pretty low.  The more I cook, the more this happens.  But generally, when there is something I want to make there is always a good recipe out there for it somewhere and so I rarely feel the need to come up with my own.

That being said, I have some new plans for my time around here.  This space will become less of a recipe sharing space and more of an eating adventure space (although, don’t worry, we will still have plenty of recipes).  And because eating adventures include so much more than just eating, there will be posts about family and friends and restaurants and books and vacations.  And sometimes there will just be posts about life, with no immediate connection to food.  But the more I have pondered this blogging question, the more I have realized that I want it all in one place.  I don’t want to spread myself so thin.

I promise I’ll keep everything pretty balanced (because I know most of you are here for the food).  But I want this space to continue to be genuine, and to do that now I feel that I need it to be more about life.

So here I am, and here I hope to stay.

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2 Replies to “lessons from a blogging break”

  1. Welcome back! I am glad that you had a good break away from this space and were able to figure out what you want and need it to be. I look forward to seeing more of your life here : )

  2. glad to see you’re back! I love your site, sometimes some time away to revaluate what you’re doing is the best thing. Can’t wait to see your new posts!

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