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Favorite dish/meal: We got to have people around our table a lot this month.  My parents’ are (still) in the midst of redoing their kitchen, so while they were without appliances we had them over for dinner several times.  And last week I got to cook for a couple of very good friends, one meal of which resulted in my favorite chicken in awhile (more later this week!)

Also, I’m still thinking of how surprisingly good that chocolate sorbet was.

Least successful: Not too many failures this month, but I did manage to burn the seasoning on some roasted potatoes without burning the actual potatoes themselves.  And I made some fried chicken one night and completely forgot to soak it in buttermilk (turns out, it’s still pretty good (because it’s fried chicken) but just not quite as tender).

What we ate the most of: Lots of farro (because it is my mom’s new favorite).  Lots of pasta (because I have become reliant on it after Italy).

What we ate in other places: For our anniversary we went to 1892 East, which has become one of my favorite Huntsville restaurants.  It was still quite good (I was fascinated by the green tea glaze on my fish…in a good way) but it was also expensive and to be completely honest it made me remember that I can often eat just as good with what I make at home.  One aspect of the meal that does not match what I make at home though was dessert.  We had sweet potato doughnuts with molasses ice cream and a pecan caramel glaze.  Delicious.

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