Year: 2014

2014 favorites

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Instead of just doing a favorite recipes recap, I wanted to throw a few more things in the mix. #1 Highlight of 2014 Everything having to do with Evelyn being born (minus the month of no sleep and the whole figuring out breastfeeding part).  It is simultaneously the most joyous and the most terrifying thing…

christmas 2014

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Christmas seems to be changing every year for us right now.  We have two families to spend Christmas with, more people to include, and this year having Evelyn meant we wanted a bit more time for ourselves, too.  But in the end trying to squeeze it all together worked out pretty well.  The absolute best…

chocolate mint brownie trifle

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So I think I’ve officially entered the adult world regarding Christmas.  I’m legitimately excited about some of the practical things I might be getting for Christmas (things on my list: new slippers, new trash can).  But more telling than that, I’ve gone from the impatient “There are a whole ____ days until Christmas!” sentiment to…

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