mushroom marsala pasta


mushroom marsala pasta

Finally finally FINALLY I am liking food again.  You never realize how much food surrounds you and how much you think about food until suddenly running those menu plans in your head and thinking about a grocery list or even having your husband say the word “food” makes you have to go throw up.  (I’m not even kidding on that last one. That actually happened.)  I’m still having a bit of trouble with meats, but thank goodness I am back to being able to have peanut butter sandwiches.

chopping mushrooms
mushrooms cooking

It has been rough, but the silver lining of all of this and about how sick I’ve been and how much weight I’ve lost, is that I can pretty much eat whatever I want right now.  I mean, I’m supposed to be healthy about it all (which I am generally being), but my doctor only have jokingly told me that I needed to go buy a pint of really fattening ice cream.  I know it is a really obnoxious problem to have, but I’ve been having a hard time putting weight on and keeping it on.  I’ve been carrying a bag of trail mix around with me  though made of some peanuts and granola and a bit of chocolate, which is mostly seems to be solving the problem.

It also helps that I can cook dinner again.  This weekend was the best food-wise.  I watched cooking shows.  I read cookbooks.  When I had no clue what we were going to have for dinner, I pulled some pork chops out the freezer and made a wine and mushroom sauce to go with them.  I made a menu plan for the coming week and went to the grocery store.  I started planning Easter dinner.

mushroom marsala
mushrooms marsala pasta

I cannot even tell you how I have missed these things, and it is so good to feel like myself again.

So here’s to what feels like a new season, with some new meals and new foods, but most importantly just regular dinners again.

creamy mushroom marsala pasta


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