rosemary & secreast beach, florida


seacrest beach florida
rosemary beach florida

January was so very tough, and one day, when I realized by late June/early July I wouldn’t particularly want to travel, planning a brief beach vacation for the spring helped to get me through a couple of days.  And boy did it sneak up on us.  Suddenly last week it was time to think about meals and doing laundry and packing when really it seemed like it had hardly been warm at all yet.

rosemary beach florida
rosemary beach downtown

I had never been to Rosemary/Seacrest Beach before (we always go to St. George Island), but the closer distance seemed to make more sense for just a long weekend, and we wanted to go somewhere we had never been.  It was of course a trip of pros and cons: it’s an absolutely beautiful beach with a cute little completely walkable town, and just a few minutes away from the conveniences of Panama City and Destin (we had to make a quick Target run when we got there and I realized I had forgotten to put the SD card back in the camera), but those wonderful things about the beach also made it a bit more of a crowded beach than I am used to (even for a spring weekend).  But the water was so clear, the sun was bright, and the area was absolutely pristine.

seacrest beach florida
seacrest beach

But really, no matter where we are, the point is to get away.  To have time to sit and do nothing together, to rejoice in creation, to laugh and linger over meals and take naps in the afternoon.  And even if it is only for a weekend, I think it is necessary for the soul.

We didn’t do a lot of eating out, but we really enjoyed our meal of tapas at La Crema Tapas & Chocolate
The donuts at Charlie’s Donut Truck were the best (I loved the sour cream, Gerrit loved the Maple Bacon)
I loved exploring the shelves of the The Hidden Lantern Bookstore

seacrest beach florida

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