buttermilk roasted chicken


buttermilk baked chicken

I made THE best cake this past weekend.  Well, at least one of the best (but I suppose that’s debatable because I think my entire family would argue that chocolate stout cake is actually the best cake).  And I’m not ready to share it yet (let’s be honest, typing up that citrus bread recipe kind of took it out of me).  But I am ready to share what happened after the cake, which was chicken soaked in buttermilk and baked in the oven low and slow, which mostly just relates to the cake because this is how I used my extra buttermilk from said cake.  Which needs to happen on a regular basis because I am generally so terrible about letting perfectly good buttermilk go to waste after it has met its baking obligation.

buttermilk chicken soaking

buttermilk chicken

I of course already have a favorite buttermilk chicken, made on the grill after so much soaking time.  This is a riff on that, but cooked in the oven instead of on the grill, and done so slowly so that it is plenty tender and still juicy and gives the whole dish enough time to permeate your kitchen with the most delectable sweet perfumed smell.  (I kept opening the oven to “peek” at the chicken, but really I just wanted to inhale that smell.)

Chicken and I are on speaking terms again, a huge improvement from a couple of months ago.  We’re not exactly best friends again yet, though.  But making chicken this way, so that the buttermilk soaks into the meat and gives it so much sweet tenderness, helps.

buttermilk roasted chicken


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  1. I have never tried buttermilk chicken before, actually I had never even heard of it! but the skin looks so deliciously crispy I will have to make it very soon! and what a brilliant idea for using up leftover buttermilk!

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