chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream


chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream

Two weekends ago I had the best weekend.  I went to spend the night with my mom because my dad was out of town, which is like a mini vacation that I definitely don’t take often enough.  We went shopping for baby clothes and spent Saturday morning talking on the back porch and then browsing through the farmer’s market.

Then I made this cake for my mother-in-law’s birthday, another wonderful time with family, all of Gerrit’s brothers and their significant others together, which I wish could happen more often than it does.

This past Friday we had our first baby shower, which was so lovely and joyous.  The amount of work people put into it, and the people who showed up even when they had so many other things going on in their lives, was so meaningful to both of us.

lots of butter
swiss chocolate buttercream

Then on Saturday we found out that a woman who goes to our church, a woman who has been in and out of my life in various capacities from the time I was born, passed away unexpectedly.  It was really a shock to both of us as well as our whole church.

Today, after working up at our church this morning and fielding calls and questions about the funeral this weekend, I had a doctor’s appointment (where everything checked out fine).  It is still unbelievable to me that we are having a baby in just a few months, not just because it is an incredible thing in and of itself, but also because several months ago I wasn’t convinced that I would be able to state that at this point in time.

chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream
chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream

I don’t have an exact point to all of this, except that these are things I needed to say, and that they are a witness to they way life goes, with moments of great joy and contentment, followed by moments of shock and tragedy.  And then you have the miracles to pick you back up again.

chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream


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  1. Life is so full of these odd juxtapositions of the wonderful + the tragic. It really teaches us to celebrate each and every day doesn’t it?

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