lemon rosemary chicken with potatoes


lemon rosemary chicken with potatoes

Somehow it manages to still be a wonder to me that I can cook meals now.  Like, not just in the general sense of “Oh wow, I used to be a really bad cook,” but more recently in the more specific sense of a month and a half ago I could hardly manage to make a grocery list.  The absolutely disgust I had for food in general earlier this year still kind of blows my mind.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I will say it again, that I feel like I am in a new season (I suppose I always feel that way as the world wakes up in Spring.)  But of course, this one, like all, is temporary.  But especially this one, because in the fall how I things going to look?  I have no idea, and I’m trying every day to be ok with that.

small red potatoes

Of course all I can do right now is get ready, which doesn’t just involve painting the nursery (done!) and buying a gazillion cute baby clothes (continually doing!) but cleaning out the house (it is embarrassing some of the things I found in my pantry the other week), and continuing to find those new meals that will grace our dinner table regularly.  Because who knows what our cooking situation is going to look like in the fall, or even in the years to come as we have a new person to feed at our table.  But I think we can add this one to family meals that will be a success now and in the future.

lemon rosemary chicken with potatoes


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