edamame corn and quinoa salad


 summer edamame corn and quinoa salad

Yes.  I know.  You are reading correctly.  I am actually posting a SALAD recipe, of which there is only one other on this entire website, and really it hardly counts because it is a pasta salad and the closest thing it has to a vegetable is some basil.  But this is actually a real legitimate salad, with actual vegetables.

edamame corn and quinoa salad

I probably don’t need to explain to you all the reasons I don’t like salad.  Dressings are generally too acidic for me, I don’t usually particularly like the vegetables that go on the salad, and actual salad greens hold very little attraction for me, etc. etc.

But this salad hits all the right points.  It has vegetables that I actually like–corn and edamame–with a very non-threatening and simple dressing of some lime juice and olive oil.  The tomatoes, which I do not like but which other people do, can so easily be picked around and avoided without anyone even noticing what you are doing.  Plus there is the quinoa, which gives the salad some extra texture.

I’m not really sure why the original recipe caught my eye when I saw it torn out of a magazine on my parents’ kitchen table last week, because generally if the word salad is in the title it’s already lost on me.  But I’m so glad it got my attention.  I have a feeling this salad will be on repeat in our kitchen pretty consistently this summer.

quinoa salad with corn edamame and tomatoes


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  1. This looks great. We eat a lot of edamame in our house, and we’re big fans of quinoa, too. We’ll definitely make it this summer!

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