maple peanut breakfast bars


maple peanut breakfast bars

My mind is just such a jumbled mess right now.  Last week turned out way busier than expected.  Plus, pregnancy hormones are no joke y’all, because for some reason I couldn’t stop crying this morning even though I had absolutely no good reason.  Also, the exhaustion.  Goodness gracious it is like after being awake for six hours of the day, suddenly I can hardly keep my eyes open.

And so, since I feel like I can hardly string together coherent thoughts today (also you should see the typos I’ve been having trying to write this up), it seems like a good excuse to share with you some of my favorite things recently.

breakfast bars with maple syrup, peanut butter, peanuts, and chocolate chips

1) This article on reading when you have children.  Reading is such a huge part of mine and Gerrit’s lives, and something that we want to be a big part of our daughter’s life also.  But finding the time for it (along with all the other things I want to do in life) intimidates me.

2) About Time.  We watched this last night and it is hands down my favorite movie I’ve seen recently.  I was crying at the end, but they were such good tears.  (Although I think now I just need to watch children’s movies and ridiculous comedies until my hormones go back to normal.)

3) Speaking of pregnancy, this pregnancy calendar has been my favorite thing to read these past few months.  Both hilarious and helpful.

4) I hope you know by now that this is the best pizza dough recipe.  It is so easy (I can throw it together in 5 minutes before I leave for work in the morning).  We’ve probably had pizza at least once a week this summer with absolute minimal effort.

5) This new podcast out of The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA.  I just adore it.

6) This new recipe for breakfast bars.  I’ve been feeling a little tired of my other ones, not because they aren’t good but because I eat them every day of every week.  This recipe is almost the same, but changes up the flavors so that it resembles that delicious granola I posted about a few weeks ago.

maple peanut breakfast bars


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  1. Well, these breakfast bars look RIGHT up my alley and something like my husband and I would devour in NO time!

    Also, the pregnancy calendar from Alpha Mom is pretty fantastic, too! Thanks for sharing all these links AND this recipe!

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