zucchini pasta with pesto


zucchini pasta with pesto

So I woke up the other morning at 32 weeks pregnant, and for some reason that number just hit me.  That means we have roughly 8 weeks left, which suddenly feels like it might as well be 8 days.  And then I look down at my belly and think that 8 weeks might as well be 8 more months because good golly I can hardly get off the couch without help now (to be fair, our couch has a super-deep-not-conducive-to-pregnancy kind of seat).

All the things that we have neglected are starting to seem suddenly very important.  I think we got a bit ahead of schedule back a couple months ago, with the crib put together and the walls painted and what not.  But now we only have 8 weeks (and maybe less…who knows) left and there are still pictures to be hung and our glider needs to come in and we need to buy a lamp.  And I know most people don’t say this because everyone loves buying baby clothes and you end up with more than you need, but I’m actually pretty sure we don’t have enough right now.  Also we need a stroller still.  And a car seat.

zucchini pasta with pesto

Progress is being made though.  I have gone to the dentist and gone to get my hair cut.  We have started childbirth classes (which are basically the worst because they are two straight hours of “here is everything that can go wrong so that you can worry and here is everything that will be painful so that you can anticipate it”).  I have put pictures in picture frames, even though they still need to go on the walls.  There is a crib sheet on the crib mattress, although it still needs to be washed before it is actually put to use.

And every day it still blows my mind that this is even happening.

I’m trying to do the normal things, like go to work and cook dinner and continue to blog.  I’m trying to savor that, because in 8 weeks absolutely nothing will be normal like they are now ever again.  It will be wonderful (and also hard), but it will not be what it is now.  It will be something that I can’t imagine no matter how I try.

I feel like this season of eating is brief.  The season of not being able to eat felt like forever.  But now that I can, it feels so fleeting because 8 more weeks does not seem like enough time to enjoy all of our summer favorites like grilled chicken and homemade ice cream before everything changes.  But I’m doing everything I can to take advantage of this time (even if most days I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore).

zucchini pasta with pesto


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