peanut butter pie popsicles


peanut butter pie popsicles

Without intention, this long Fourth of July weekend became a complete stay-cation (although the kind where we also folded laundry and Gerrit fixed the dishwasher).  On Friday I made popsicles (and lemonade that did not turn out) and Gerrit made salsa and we headed over to my parents’ house for a cookout and fireworks.  It was the most we did all weekend, and it completely wiped me out–so much so that I spent a lot of Saturday in bed.  On Sunday we decided to skip church and instead putzed around the nursery putting some things away and went to the grocery store.

It was one of those weekends where just because of a simple extra added day, our time felt endless.  Gerrit went on long walks down to the river.  I finished reading a book.  We watched soccer and then ate a simple dinner of salmon on our back porch and played a game of cards.  It all sounds so very mundane, but I’m telling you–it was just the loveliest of weekends.

peanut butter pie popsicles

And I realize how much I need to relish these kinds of weekends.  Even without a baby they are few and far between (prior to this we had two weekends of classes at the hospital and a trip out of town and a wedding to attend…meaning we hadn’t had a completely free weekend since…I don’t even know when now that I look at my calendar and see how busy we’ve been).  I’m hoping that the coming weekends before we reach mid-August will follow a similar restful pattern.  I know it won’t be completely possible because there are already several things on our calendar (mostly fun things), but I hope I’ve maybe captured this restful feeling in a metaphorical jar that will last me for a while.

peanut butter pie popsicles


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  1. WOW! I would have never thought about all these ingredients together for a popsicle but these look so outta this world, I love to have yummy treats ready in the freezer for any last minute craving in the summer!

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