yogurt marinated grilled chicken (+ easy entertaining)


yogurt marinated grilled chicken

As we’re getting closer and closer to mid-August, everything is becoming harder.  Rolling over in the bed is a whole production that completely wakes me up from whatever sleep I was managing to get.  Getting up off the couch is another ordeal (and so I am just constantly asking Gerrit to get up to refill my water glass/get my phone that I left on the kitchen counter/get my computer from upstairs).  Sleeping is becoming almost impossible.

Just a few more weeks.

On a positive note though, I had the most lovely baby shower this weekend, a small gathering of people important to me with the most adorable food spread (including a watermelon cut as a baby carriage with a little baby orange inside), and an elaborate diaper cake that is so very practical but also so cute I almost don’t want to take it apart to actually use it.

yogurt marinated grilled chicken

Afterwards I wanted to have my parents over for dinner (mostly so that my mom and I could go through all the new clothes I had gotten and organize them in the closet), but I also didn’t want dinner to be a big ordeal because, well, the whole everything being harder issue.

Although I am all for elaborate entertaining at times (because what better excuse to try a day-long recipe than when people are coming over to enjoy it?),  I know I need to make entertaining easy right now.  Which is where this yogurt-marinated grilled chicken comes in (adapted from Dinner a Love Story, which is of course full of easy recipes for both entertaining and regular week-night meals).

The game plan for our dinner?
– After lunch (before the shower) I started the base for chocolate sorbet.  Water and sugar and cocoa powder simmering in a pot together.
– Then I took about 10 minutes to mix the yogurt marinade together and get the chicken soaking in it.  Into the fridge it went.
– I got ready for the shower.
– Before I left I put a bag of good chocolate chips into the sorbet base, turned the heat off, whisked until they melted and then left it sitting out while I was gone (although I totally meant to put it in the fridge before I left).
– When I got back from the shower I cut some fingerling potatoes in half, seasoned them, and put them in the oven to roast.  I put the sorbet in the ice cream maker.  Gerrit put the chicken on the grill.  My mom brought a vegetable side dish.

And that was it.  I think the total time I spent getting things ready was 30-40 minutes (about 20 minutes before the shower and 20 minutes before dinner).  And even the grilling time is pretty low maintenance, letting the chicken cook over indirect heat for aout 45 minutes.  It seriously cannot be easier.  Which is a good thing right now and gives me a lot of hope for when our lives go crazy here pretty soon.

yogurt marinated grilled chicken


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  1. Oh I remember those days well! You’re almost there! And this chicken? Just divine. I just added your blog to my feedly so I can stay up to date on all the food and baby goodness!

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