a day in the life {with a 6 week old}


I thought this would be a fun project to take on occasionally.  The thing about taking pictures of your day is it really makes you think about each moment and how you spend your time, even when your time is consumed with a baby.  I know I’ll want to remember how we spend our days right now, because next month and the next and next year and in five years it will all be different.

These are pictures from Wednesday, September 17.

{Just a side note–you’ll noticed there are a couple of pictures of Evelyn here, but generally those are going to be pretty few and far between, especially as she grows older.  We’re trying to find the right balance between sharing her life simply because her life is a part of our lives, and protecting her privacy.}

Sawyer.  Always in his bed.  Always.

IMG_5028 ps_600x400
Morning diaper change.  While we use disposable diapers most of the time, we’ve started using cloth diapers from time to time when we are just at home.

After some morning play time, it’s time for a nap.  Evelyn slept for a very long time this morning, giving me a chance to get some things done on my computer.

I went to the office this afternoon to get some work done.  I’m so fortunate to have the working situation that I do: working part time for my dad, which means my schedule is very flexible and I can bring Evelyn with me.

After work (and going by Gerrit’s office so he can show Evelyn off) it’s time for our weekly dinner at my parents’ house (which hasn’t happened in two weeks because they were passing a cold around).  The weather was perfect for rocking Evelyn on the porch, and there is nothing my mother loves more.

Squash ready to be roasted.

Home.  Gerrit getting a couple of things done on the computer while I go take a shower.

Hanging up the diapers we used during the day (and that I threw in the wash before leaving for work) while Gerrit gives Evelyn a bath.

Nightly journal time.  This is one of the things that keeps me sane.

Thanks for joining.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into our lives.  And I’ve enjoyed recording it so much that I think we might make this a semi-regular thing.

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