frozen chocolate mousse (+ postpartum fitness)


frozen chocolate mousse

For some reason when I post a ridiculous dessert like this, I sometime feel the need to simultaneously talk about health.  Maybe to make myself feel better?  So let’s talk.

The truth is (and please don’t hate me for this) I have lost all of my pregnancy weight.  I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant, but more than I did during the lowest point of my pregnancy.  People have asked me what my secret is and I try to laugh it off, but the truth is that’s just what you get for being so deathly ill during pregnancy: all of the weight I did end up gaining was literally just baby weight.

There are still two problems though.  1) The weight is distributed differently (which means I still don’t quite fit in to all my pants).  And 2) I miss my muscle tone.

It’s the second one that’s the kicker for me.  I’m really not that concerned with a different distribution of weight.  As long as I don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe (and most of my pants fit fine with the help of a rubber band around the button), I’m good.  But I miss feeling strong.  I mean, I was never in particularly amazing shape, but over the year pre-pregnancy I had really gotten into some good fitness habits.

I’ve been easing myself into workouts in the past several weeks, with postnatal yoga and some workouts for beginners.  But finally the other day I did one of Daily Burn’s 15 minute workouts that made me feel strong.  Which feels better than having pants that fit or a certain number on the scale.

frozen chocolate mousse

I really don’t have a good way to transition into talking about the richest dessert I’ve made in ages, but here it is.  The richest dessert I’ve made in ages.  I’ve made this two weekends in a row now, which seems excessive, but they were for special occasions: once when my college roommate came to visit and once for my mom’s birthday.  It is indulgent and delectable and really not difficult to make at all.  It is a perfect chocolate treat.  And that feels good, too; because I strongly believe that food that is good for you is not just food that is healthy for you.  Food that is good for you is also food that is good for your soul.

frozen chocolate mousse


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