2014 favorites


Instead of just doing a favorite recipes recap, I wanted to throw a few more things in the mix.

#1 Highlight of 2014

Everything having to do with Evelyn being born (minus the month of no sleep and the whole figuring out breastfeeding part).  It is simultaneously the most joyous and the most terrifying thing ever.  Sometimes I go to bed at night and I feel like my heart might literally burst with how much I love her.

(And just to keep things real, my #1 Least Favorite Thing of 2014 was being pregnant with her.  I have never been so sick in my life.  Much less so sick for 4 months and kind of sick for 4+ more.)

lookout mountain hang gliding

#2 Highlight of 2014

Weekend trip to Cloudland Canyon with my family.  We didn’t get to do much travelling this year, but a few weekend getaways did happen.  We spent the weekend exploring Chattanooga, watching my dad hang glide, and relaxing in our mountain cabin.  (We also had a weekend at the beach this year, which was nice, but mostly left me longing for an entire week at the beach and made us realize we have more fun at the beach with my family).

#3 Highlight of 2014

Snow day in January.  We so rarely get snow, so when we do (and get three days off of work for it!) it’s a big deal.  The snow was beautiful, and it was coincidentally one of the only days in my entire pregnancy that I didn’t feel sick.

homemade moose tracks

#1 Most Popular Post of 2014

Homemade Moose Tracks Ice Cream

chocolate croissant bread pudding with rum sauce

#2 Most Popular Post of 2014

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce (this was one of my favorites, too!)

chocolate cake with swiss chocolate buttercream

#3 Most Popular Post of 2014

Chocolate Cake with Swiss Chocolate Buttercream (SO GOOD.  SO RICH.)

#1 Favorite Book I Read in 2014

This wasn’t the most stellar year for me reading-wise, but Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins really stands out to me.  It is a book that seems like one big adventure, takes you all over the world, and through an entire lifetime (but all in a manageable reading length).

#2 Favorite Book I Read in 2014

Quiet by Susan Cain.  I still think about all the things I learned about my introverted self all the time.  Such a fascinating read.

#3 Favorite Book I Read in 2014

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.  I loved the way she connected stories with food.

(I wish I could have some favorite movies for you, too, but I can only remember like 3 that we watched.  Maybe that should be one of my goals for the New Year?  To actually keep track of the movies we watch.)

Hope everyone has a happy (and safe) New Year! (We will be sitting at home, in our pajamas, watching football and eating ice cream.  After the busy-ness of the past few weeks, I can’t wait.)

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