chocolate mint brownie trifle


chocolate mint brownie trifle

So I think I’ve officially entered the adult world regarding Christmas.  I’m legitimately excited about some of the practical things I might be getting for Christmas (things on my list: new slippers, new trash can).  But more telling than that, I’ve gone from the impatient “There are a whole ____ days until Christmas!” sentiment to “Oh my gosh! There are only ____ days until Christmas!”

I swore as a child that I would never reach a stage where I would be excited about something as unexciting about a trash can and would never feel that Christmas is coming too soon.  And yet here I am perfectly happy about it.  Well, except the Christmas coming too soon.   Time could slow down a bit for me, not only because my baby girl is growing up so fast, but also because I had intentions of doing a bit more Christmas baking that at this point look like they will go on unfulfilled.

chocolate mint brownie trifle

The only reason this dessert made the cut is because we had some friends over for dinner last week, and a trifle seemed like the perfect easy yet holiday appropriate dessert.  And it was on the menu later in the week, too, for my office Christmas party.  And obviously, if you’re looking for a last minute holiday dish, I think it would be perfect for you too.  Yes there are a lot of components, but you can use shortcuts as much as you want (I totally used brownies from a box) and you can do so much of it ahead of time (I made my brownies, pudding, and whipped cream the day before).  And all of this means this dessert is low on the difficulty scale and high on the impressive scale.  Which I have so needed this month when everything has needed to be as quick and convenient as possible.  (Even though you might not believe me because of this and this.)

And since that’s the case, I’m pretty sure I need to go fold laundry or wrap some Christmas presents or just find something to do while Evelyn is still asleep.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Wonderful Holiday Season!

chocolate mint brownie trifle


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