roasted root vegetable pot pie


roasted root vegetable pot pie

Pot pie is one of those things I used to refuse to touch with a 10 foot pole.  There were lots of good legitimate reasons: onions and green peas being chief among them.  Also, it just seemed too mysterious–I never felt sure of what I was getting because it was all masked by the creamy filling and made me uneasy.  I couldn’t dependably pick out just the chicken from a chicken pot pie.

But the great thing about pot pie that I have discovered as an adult is that I can put whatever I want to (or don’t want to) in it.  So, no onions and peas here!  But lots of mushrooms and potatoes!  This pot pie focuses on hearty winter root vegetables: potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips.  Also, mushrooms.  They are roasted and then added to a creamy roux and baked under a cornmeal crust.
roasted root vegetable pot pie
The honest truth about this one is that I was a a little uncertain about the parsnips.  Even when they came out of the oven roasted they still tasted a little strange to me: a little more acidic than I expected.  But really, they are delicious in here, because once everything is added together to the sauce, the flavors balance perfectly.  (The same is true for the sweet potatoes, which sometimes I can find a little off putting in dishes…but not here at all).
So bottom line about pot pies: I’m not sure I’ll be going near any old pot pie on a regular basis from here on out, but it’s nice to know that I can make one that I like.
roasted root vegetable pot pie

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