milk braised pork loin (+ savoring winter)


milk braised pork loin

You know what’s really great about the cold weather this year?  It’s like it’s not bothering me at all.  I mean, sure I’m cold.  But compared to last year it’s a million times better.  Because last year not only was it cold (especially with the polar vortex and all), but I was ridiculously constantly sick and hated food and felt like death.  So this year it’s like, ehh, whatever, it’s just cold.

And since last year I completely missed out on braising season, seeing as how my diet mostly consisted of chocolate milkshakes and gatorade, I am fully taking advantage of it this year and enjoying every pot roast and pork loin that I can.  And this is a delicious one.  I know the milk sounds a little weird, but when it cooks down it turns into these delicious sweet but savory little bits that you can spread out over your pork.  And just oh my word.  It is so good.

milk braised pork loin

I think another thing that contributes to my not minding this cold season is that time is flying too quickly.  How is it already the end of January?  Didn’t we just celebrate the New Year?  I’ve had to change Evelyn’s clothes to the next size up recently (mostly because she is so tall), and while we’re stocked up on plenty of winter clothes right now, I also find myself wondering if how much more we’ll need if she’s still in the same size once the weather starts to warm up a little bit.  And then I catch myself–it’s January!  How is it that March and April feel so close!  Winter usually drags on and on!  But the truth is that we’re just over a month away from March, and then my brain starts to hurt.

Anyway, all that to say–time is flying by and I’m feeling a little sentimental about it right now.

So I’m trying to enjoy winter for what it is–sweaters and long underwear and fires in the fireplace and hot chocolate and slow cooked meat.  I’m trying not to let the cloudy days and the early sunsets get me down.  I’m trying to remember that this time will last only for this time.  And when February comes around I will never get back the winter days of Evelyn being 5.5 months old, and I will never get back the days of her only nursing (I can’t believe we’ll be starting real food soon!).

I’m so excited about the things to come–I love spring and summer so much, we have some fun things planned, and Evelyn just becomes more and more fun as each day passes–but right now is only right now, and I’m trying to slow down the passage of time and notice that.

milk braised pork loin


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  1. I’ve had this recipe on my list to make for a while (incidentally, I think we must have almost identical tastes because so often I find that you post something that I’ve bookmarked or something that I really want to make!) I can’t wait to try this now!

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