chocolate caramel mousse


chocolate caramel mousse

Confession: I grew up thinking that I absolutely hated caramel.  Caramel was just those little chewy candies that get stuck in your teeth.  I was not a fan in any shape form or fashion.  I wasn’t even the biggest fan of it in candy bars, even when it was paired with chocolate.  It was acceptable then, but given the choice between a piece of candy containing caramel and a piece of candy that did not…well, have I not made my choice obvious already?

Fast forward to sometime last year, actually tax day last year because I’m pretty sure it was our end of tax season celebration lunch, and we ordered a trio of creme brulees for the four of us to share.  Chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.  I went for the chocolate and vanilla first, because, well obviously.  And then I decided to try an itty bitty bite of the caramel.

I think you can guess where this is going.  I absolutely loved the caramel.  It was rich and sweet with a bit of saltiness and tang.  When everyone else was done I finished off the little dish.  And to tie a nice little bow on this story, I now find caramel acceptable in desserts generally.

chocolate caramel mousse

I’m reading a book about picky eating right now called Suffering Succotash and it is really fascinating.  I’m only a couple of chapters in, but it is explaining the science behind possible causes of picky eating so well and telling stories of the social woes of picky eating that I can completely relate to.  I was reading about your sense of smell last night, and how that impacts how you taste food, and it segued in to a discussion of so called “exposure therapy” and how if you taste a food you don’t like prepared in a way that you end up liking, you can reset the way your brain interprets the taste and smell of that food.

And I think that’s probably similar to what happened to caramel with me.  Having it in a dessert that had nothing in common with the texture of caramel candies, I was able to appreciate the flavor of caramel itself, which I’m sure reset the way I think about caramel in general.  (And before you ask, no, I’m not sure sure this can be done with me and english peas.)

I made this mousse for our Valentine’s Day dinner at home.  And y’all.  It was so easy.  Make some caramel, which is so easy if you have a candy thermometer…you just have to combine some sugar and water and watch it come to temperature.  Melt some chocolate.  Stir it together and fold it into some whipped cream.  It sounds so much fancier than it actually is.  And those are the best kinds of desserts.

chocolate caramel mousse

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  1. I love caramel but I can totally see why those candies would put you off – I love the flavour but I definitely don’t love the texture of those. That’s why I’m pretty sure that this mousse would be perfect. Must make asap!

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