chocolate chip pancakes {updated}


chocolate chip pancakes

I mentioned last month that one of my goals is to bring back an old recipe from this site with updated pictures and sometimes an updated recipe every month.  So here we are, the last days of February, squeezing these chocolate chip pancakes in.  (Do I really have to link to the old post? Please tell me no.)

Can I be honest about something?  Usually January is my least favorite month of the year (aside from those first couple of days when the year is shiny and new), but February has been a doozy this year and I am more than happy to say goodbye to it and move on to March with warmer weather and daylight savings time. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my excitement for daylight savings time could go on forever).  Although we ARE apparently having a snowstorm today, so that’s a bit of fun winter excitement (I know so many people are sick of snow at this point.  But y’all.  We get it maybe once a year…as evidenced by the fact that I just said “y’all.”)

chocolate chip pancakes

Hopefully March will bring us some more interesting things to talk about, too, because I feel like I’ve been pretty humbug around here and complaining maybe a little much.

So let’s just write this one off and have some pancakes and watch the (hopefully incoming) snow, ok?  We’ll start again next month.  (Isn’t that the beauty of months?  We get to start again every few weeks.  Hallelujah.)

chocolate chip pancakes


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