chocolate hazelnut cookies (+ valentine’s day feelings)

chocolate hazelnut cookies
Here is the truth: I love Valentine’s Day.  I know that sometimes isn’t a very popular opinion, but I’m just going to get it out there and own it.  I know that people complain about Valentine’s Day because of the pressure for flowers and chocolate and special gifts.  But I really don’t care about all of that (except the chocolate).

And I know that people think that Valentine’s Day excludes single people, but the truth is I have never particularly thought about Valentine’s Day as being only for romantic love; I grew up with my parents always giving me a card and chocolates on Valentine’s Day and loved that tradition even before I met Gerrit.  In fact, I’ve always kind of thought of Valentine’s Day as a kid’s holiday that adults just hang on to so that we can have a dinner date (not that there’s a problem with that…we fully intend on having a nice dinner at home this weekend).

I love Valentine’s Day because it breaks up the monotony of winter with something cheerful.
So in the midst of so many complaints about Valentine’s Day, I’m going to stick up for it.  I think it’s a nice little fake holiday.
And this year I need it.  Last week was rough.  This week has been tough just because getting back into the swing of things is always tough and Evelyn and I spent 2 hours at the doctor on Wednesday (it’s just a small eye infection) and she continues to poop all over her clothes every time she is in the car seat and continues to be a horrible napper and it’s also tax season.
Sorry.  I don’t mean to complain so much, but when you look at life objectively, it’s been a little bit of a tough month and I am starting to feel the exhaustion of it in my bones.
So I’m glad it’s getting to be mid-February and we have some reasons to celebrate–Valentine’s Day (even if it is a corny fake holiday) and my birthday (next week! with celebrations starting this weekend!).
And the best thing about all of this is that it is a calendar marker that means one very important thing: spring is getting closer.
chocolate hazelnut cookies


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