a month of meals {february 2015}


a month of meals: february 2015

(I started doing these posts about 2 years ago, but never loved my format.  So finally I decided to do what I would be interested in seeing if I was reading these posts–just a straightforward list of my month of meals.  I hope you might find it interesting, and I especially hope it might give you some inspiration for your weekly dinners.)

(Past months: January 2015)

Feb 1–Papa Murphy’s pizza with my parents (this was the day my grandfather died and we spent the afternoon trying to wrap our heads around it all…I feel like I’ll always remember that)

Feb 2–leftover pizza
Feb 3–dinner at Gerrit’s parents’–quesadilla
Feb 4–out to eat/out of town (nothing special)
Feb 5–out to eat at The Fish Market in Birmingham (I had a great seafood pasta)
Feb 6–rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, green beans with almonds, baguette with olive and herbs for dipping
Feb 7–chicken tacos with leftover rotisserie chicken (I also used Saturday to make chocolate hazelnut cookies)
Feb 8— salmon, roasted broccoli, garlic bread (the baguette again)

Feb 9mushroom marsala pasta
Feb 10–dinner at Gerrits’ parents’–a conglomeration of leftovers (I so love that we can have dinner with our families and just have leftovers…because being together around the table is so much more important that what we are eating…and sometimes–like the leftover flank steak we had–leftovers are delicious)
Feb 11baked chicken thighs, rice, roasted carrots and parsnips
Feb 12–fried rice with chicken
Feb 13–dinner at my parents’–korean beef short ribs, fried rice, chocolate peanut butter cake (my family birthday celebration)
Feb 14–steak with red wine sauce, garlic butter mushrooms with a baguette, chocolate caramel mousse (Valentine’s Day at home)
Feb 15–sandwiches (we had lunch with Gerrit’s family for my birthday–pork tenderloin, macaroni and cheese (yum), zucchini, and a chocolate khalua cake)

Feb 16mushroom lasagna
Feb 17–leftover mushroom lasagna
Feb 18–out to eat for my actual birthday at Texas de Brazil (which was such a fun experience)
Feb 19roasted red pepper pasta (with sauce from my freezer so that all I had to do was boil the noodles…a lifesaver after a busy day)
Feb 20–creamy greek chicken noodle soup (recipe forthcoming…it’s from Dinner the Playbook, but I made a few changes that I love)
Feb 21–date night out at Commerce Kitchen (I had trout with pecan butter that was delicious)
Feb 22–sandwiches (we had lunch with my family–pork loin, roasted potatoes, and roasted carrots and parsnips)

Feb 23–macaroni and cheese, roasted broccoli
Feb 24–pan roasted pork chops with wine sauce, leftover mac and cheese, roasted carrots and parsnips
Feb 25–pasta with bacon and brussels sprouts
Feb 26farro with mushrooms
Feb 27–dinner at Gerrit’s parents’–crock pot chicken
Feb 28milk braised pork loin, mac and cheese (leftover which I had pulled out from the freezer), roasted broccoli

Anyone else notice a pork and carrots and parsnips theme? ;)

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  1. 1. Can I move in with you? I am in awe of your housewife skills, and the fact that there is no fast food anywhere on that list…
    2. I have no idea what in the world a parsnip is. I am clearly about to google it right now.

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