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easter flowers

I feel like for every holiday or big weekend event I say in my head that I’m going to blog about it.  And then when we are actually in the midst of doing something fun and having people over at our house or what not, I completely forget to take any pictures that would be useful here.

But I’ll tell you about it anyway.  It was one of those weekends from which I feel like I need a weekend to recover.  We hung out with friends, we had a birthday breakfast with Gerrit’s family, we went house hunting with Gerrit’s parents, we cleaned our house, we went to a wedding shower, we had our entire family over for Easter lunch, and we capped it with hanging out with neighbors and friends on our back porch Sunday night while Gerrit brewed beer.

I’m exhausted, but it’s a weekend that left my heart full and thankful.  It was a weekend that is evidence of the community we have, even though introvert me is now about ready to crawl into bed and not have to talk to anyone for a day.  It was evidence of the support we have–family babysitting Evelyn while we cleaned our house, everyone bringing food for Easter lunch (I really hardly cooked a thing).  It was a weekend of things that make me happy: sunshine, time with family, a new dress.

Now on to a week that feels like Spring (highs in the 70’s all week!).

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I’m with you on the forgetting to take photos, too–I get so swept up in the fun that it just goes clean out of my head. The flowers are a good compromise =)

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