parmesan crusted tilapia {updated}


parmesan crusted tilapia

So I wrote about rest two weeks ago, and then last week ended up with a terrible cold that knocked me down last Sunday night (I went to bed at 8:30) and out for Monday with a fever (Gerrit stayed home from work to take care of me and Evelyn) and had me sniffling and coughing all week long.  I think I’m pretty much better now.  But I bring it up to tell you this: I wrote about rest, and how it’s hard to do and how it’s important, and then I got sick and was walking around Monday with a fever feeling like I should be cleaning up the kitchen or watching Evelyn and apologizing to Gerrit that he had to stay home from work and debating as to whether I was really so sick that I needed to take a nap.  The guilt is real y’all, and I am ridiculous.

I have no idea how this relates to fish, except that I’m carrying guilt around for a lot of things it seems like right now and one of them is this blog, and how I’m just trying to go with the flow with it (because in the end I think that is much healthier for me right now than stressing about making sure I put a certain number of posts out there in the world).  I haven’t had a recipe in two weeks, and here I am showing up with a recipe that is old news but just jazzed up with some new photos.  I feel a little bit guilty about that.

But that is where we are and I really don’t want to be one of those people who shows up to blog and then apologizes for how they haven’t been showing up to blog, but yet here I am doing exactly that.  And making it even worse by apologizing for apologizing.  Oh, gosh.

parmesan crusted tilapia

Ok, let’s just move on.  Lesson here to tie this all up: can we all just stop feeling guilty for things that don’t matter?  For the pressures we put on ourselves when really no one else is counting on us the way we would like to think they are?  Gerrit didn’t need me to be 100% last Monday, because he could handle it all on his own.  And I’m pretty sure you are going to be able to figure out your meals without me on a regular basis.  But I would like to think that occasionally I might give you some inspiration.  So here it is for today: an easy yet elegant fish dish.

Thanks for listening.


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  1. I hear you on the blogging guilt front! As a reader, I’m always simply excited for a new post from my favorite bloggers whenever that happens to be…I try to remind myself that when I’m feeling guilty for not blogging in over a month =) Always happy to see your work, whenever it happens!

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