a month of meals {april 2015}


a month of meals--april 2015

Here’s what we ate this month.

{An explanation as to why I’m doing this can be found in January 2015.}

{Past months: January 2015 : February 2015 : March 2015}

April 1–dinner at my parents’–rotisserie chicken, roasted squash, mashed potatoes
April 2roasted red pepper pasta
April 3–dinner with some friends–roasted chicken thighs, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, mashed potatoes, eclair cake
April 4–a wedding shower for friends–BBQ and the cutest little dessert shots
April 5–Easter lunch with both sides of the family  (we hosted)–korean marinated pork loin, king’s hawaiian rolls, copper penny carrots (my mom’s traditional Easter dish), broccoli salad (my grandmother’s), green beans, chicken Gerrit’s mom made in the crock pot, eclair cake

April 6–Easter leftovers
April 7–Easter leftovers again (which I skipped out on because I had DIY tacos at bunco night)
April 8–dinner at my office–beef stroganoff from a local restaurant (every year our bank brings all their CPA clients a meal during tax season, which is such a nice gesture)
April 9baked chicken thighs, zucchini fritters
April 10–homemade pizza
April 11–Chick-fil-a
April 12pasta with bacon and brussels sprouts

April 13–pizza at the office (because I was working late)
April 14–dinner at Gerrit’s parents’–pork tenderloin sliders
April 15–dinner at my parents’–buttermilk chicken fingers, roasted cauliflower, cous cous
April 16–chicken quesadillas, roasted broccoli
April 17–date night out–we had some delicious burgers at Below the Radar
April 18BBQ short ribs, roasted potatoes, green beans with almonds
April 19–scrounge around (we had gone to a mid afternoon cookout at our neighbors’ house)

April 20mushroom marsala pasta
April 21–dinner at Gerrit’s parents’–asian chicken lettuce wraps (for which my MIL also made some plain chicken, because it was too spicy for me!)
April 22–dinner at my parents’–burgers, sweet potato fries
April 23parmesan crusted tilapia, sauteed zucchini with almonds, cous cous
April 24baked chicken thighs, sweet potato fries
April 25–a pork pulling party at my parents’–we pulled 40 lbs. of pork for an upcoming event, and then ate some of it (also I made chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cereal bars)
April 26–pizza at our new neighbors’ house

April 27–pasta with cauliflower (a recipe that still needs a bit of work)
April 28–dinner at Gerrit’s parents’–DIY wraps
April 29–dinner at my parents’–flank steak, brussels sprouts with bacon, roasted potatoes
April 30baked chicken thighs, green beans with almonds, cous cous

Lessons from the month: we ate a lot of cous cous.  Also, a lot of people fed us this month, which means I didn’t do a ton of cooking.  As a result, I am in a bit of a dinner rut.  Let’s see if we can fix that this month.

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