things i’m loving lately {june 2015}


porch swing

My Back Porch

Our back porch has been a work-in-progress for years (and really still is.  But in the past couple of months we have done three things that make a huge difference: 1) stained it 2) strung up some lights and 3) finished staining and hanging the back porch swing.  And now it is starting to feel like the relaxing haven I have always wanted it to be.

Yoga with Adriene

I kept hearing about it and kept hearing about it until finally I had to try it.  And I am loving it.  I’ve been on the search for a dependable yoga program with lots of variety that also happens to be free, and this is it.  I also love that there are plenty of shorter (20-30 minute) routines so that doing yoga doesn’t always require an hour long time commitment from me.

Sun-Bleaching Stains

I guess I’ve always considered it an old fashioned thing to do (because really we have stain remover these days!), but y’all.  It works.  A few weeks ago Evelyn had a little red stain on her adorable white popsicle shirt (really it is the cutest! summer popsicles that are smiling!) and I set it aside on my dresser so I would remember to treat it (again) next time I washed it.  Well I didn’t get around to that for awhile…and lo and behold a week or so later, after it had been sitting in the sun from the window next to my dresser, the stain was gone.  Same thing with a white decorative dish towel.  Hung it up to treat later, and the sun from the window bleached it out.

Book Podcasts

You may have heard me confess my love for From the Front Porch (the podcast from The Bookshelf in Thomasville, GA).  But I have been in a podcast listening mood recently and have been looking for more.  So far I’m really enjoying Books on the Nightstand, and I’ve listened to a bit of The Lit Up Show and I think it’s going to be a regular for me as well.

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