a day in the life {with an 11.5 month old}


It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these posts, which I really wish was not the case.  Whether anyone in the world cares about reading these, to me they are a snapshot of how life is in a moment when life is constantly changing.

But there is no time like the present to jump back into it.

6:30 am

Trying to get a bit of work done before Evelyn gets up in the morning.  Actually, she’s usually up, but is content to hang out in her crib until usually about 7:00.

morning playtime

Morning nursing, and then playtime for a bit.  Looking at books (after she pulls them all down from her bookshelf) is one of her favorite things right now (and her playing in the morning usually allows me to catch up on some blog reading/news/etc.).


Breakfast, including one of her favorite foods: blueberries.  Also usually a banana, some yogurt, and oatmeal fingers.

morning playtime 2

Playtime after breakfast for a bit (often involving music and dancing).


Then nap time.  And for me, getting some things done.  This morning: monthly budget stuff.

afternoon playtime

After nap, it’s usually lunch time, and then we play some more.  I’m glad Evelyn has these blocks, because they at least keep me entertained.

missing plant
We ventured outside to look at the plants today, and found a missing azalea.  Like and entire plant dug up from the ground.  What?!  I called Gerrit and looked around for the plant, and noticed it was sitting on the side of the house.  We finally deduced it must have something to do with our pest control person, but it’s still a bit of a mystery.  But it is now replanted and happy.

paint samples
Afternoon nap time, during which I put paint samples on the wall for our playroom.  I am terrible at choosing pain colors apparently.  Spoiler alert: none of these colors is the one we decided to go with.

Afternoon nap did not go well, so chocolate is getting me through my afternoon.


This is what happens when I let Evelyn use her snack cup (Sawyer appreciates it).

blog work
Since the afternoon nap was so short and I could tell Evelyn was still tired, we tried for an unusual third nap.  Success!  And some blog time for me.

I have no pictures of the rest of the day because then it is the usual evening craziness/routine: Gerrit gets home, dinner, getting Evelyn ready for bed, yoga (sometimes), time for some writing, and then finally collapsing into bed with a book (sometimes after a TV show).

And as usual, going to bed way too late.

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