korean short ribs


korean short ribs

Thanks to one of my favorite cookbooks of the last year, Korean short ribs have been on our family’s dinner rotation for months now.  My mom made them first, and since then we’ve had them for regular family dinners and big family Sunday lunches.  We’ve used the recipe on pork and beef and chicken.  And it is one of the simplest things to make, because all it takes is the crock pot.  I, admittedly, don’t use my crock pot perhaps as often as I should (especially now that I have an almost-toddler and dinner prep time is spotty at best at least until Gerrit gets home from work).  But with Evelyn still taking a morning nap, it’s the perfect time to prep a dish for the slow cooker and then let it simmer all day.

And this one is a winner no matter what you use it with.  Beef short ribs are my favorite (so juicy and buttery, and better, I think, than a pot roast).  But basically any cut of meat is good.  We have done chicken.  I think for Easter I did a pork roast.  We’ve done pork ribs.  (Yay for versatility!)

I’m not sure why I don’t use my crock pot more often.  Perhaps it’s because I love to cook so much, to watch the food transform into a meal in just 30 minutes to an hour.  Perhaps it’s because I don’t feel like the slow cooker is that versatile (I know I don’t give it enough credit).  Or perhaps it’s because I don’t plan ahead as much as I think I do; even though I always have dinner planned out, 9:00 in the morning hardly seems like the time to already be moving on to dinner prep to me.  But with meals this good (and this easy) coming out of my crock pot, I have a feeling it’s going to start creeping its way on to my counter top more and more.

korean short ribs


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