sausage stuffed mushrooms {updated}

sausage stuffed mushrooms

So we are are officially in what is perhaps the favorite time of year in our house: football season.  Auburn football.  Tailgating.  And of course, family College Football Pick ‘Em (allow me to brag for a minute and say that I have won the past two years…the pressure is on).  I also have the goal this year of upping my game as far as football food goes.  I want things that a crowd can snack on and main dishes that are easy to make/can be made ahead of time.  And of course, it needs to have that fall feeling that certain foods just do (I’m looking at you, oven ribs).  I want things that are comfortable and easy, both appetizers and dinners.

And I say all this acting like I hold regular football viewing parties, which really is not the case.  I am too intense about my football to host football viewing parties.  And the truth is that when winter rolls around and the biggest reason for football parties comes on (the Super Bowl), I really couldn’t care less.  I don’t even think I’ve turned in on in the last couple of years.  (In case you haven’t noticed, I am not a professional football fan.)

But, we do occasionally have my family over to watch Auburn games (or go to their house with food in hand).  I even sometimes have had friends over for games, as long as it is low key and they are as in to the game as I am.  But I don’t have time to be the perfect hostess during football season, and so when I make food, I need it as easy as possible.

And these mushrooms are a great example.  They aren’t exactly quick and easy to make, but they can be made COMPLETELY AHEAD OF TIME.  I’ve loved these for a while, and I most recently made them for a friend’s bridal shower (she specially requested them).  I made them the night before: I cleaned the mushrooms, cooked the stuffing, stuffed the mushrooms, and then put them in my fridge.  The next day they just needed a drizzle of olive oil before going into the oven, and then they were ready.  Which is just about as easy as you can get the day of a party.

sausage stuffed mushrooms


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