some favorite baby products


favorite baby products


Back when Evelyn was just a little bitty baby, I did a brief product roundup of some of our favorite things for the first three months (some of them are still things we use and love today).  I had every intention of coming back at six months with an update of things we love, but it didn’t happen.  So we’ll make-do with this: some of my favorite baby products and toys we’ve used from three months on.  So in no particular order:

1. Wubbanubs

We love love love our wubbanub pacifiers.  Once they are old enough, having the stuffed animal attached makes it easy for baby to find in the crib at night.  And when she was younger, it made it easier for us to catch if Evelyn dropped it.  I’ve also heard of people snipping off the pacifier and just giving their kid the stuffed animal once it is time to give up the pacifier, and so I have high hopes that might work for us one day.  Another pro: they have just about every animal you can think of.

2. Shopping Cart

We bought this for Evelyn for her birthday and I think it’s great.  It’s a great walker for her, and she’s starting to get the hang of putting things into it.  I’m sure this is a toy that will grow with us for years to come.

3. Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

We don’t cloth diaper all the time, but about once or twice a week when I know we are going to be home all day, I’ll pull out the cloth diapers.  I love the Bum Genius ones we have.  We have both all-in-ones and pocket diapers, and I think there are pros and cons to both.  The only one I don’t love is the velcro (non-snap) one–I loved it at first, but now Evelyn is old enough to undo it.

4. Jumparoo

This was only a hit for about 5 months, but it was a BIG hit.  We borrowed it from a friend and Evelyn loved it.  She would get in it and jump and jump and jump.  Shortly after she started crawling though, she realized that she couldn’t quite go where she wanted and she was not a big fan.

 5. V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

Ok, yes, the noises on this walker can be a little annoying.  But how much Evelyn loved this thing completely outweighed that.  She loves pressing all the buttons and figuring out how to manipulate everything on it, and she loves walking.  She has used this to just walk back and forth and back and forth across the room endlessly.

6. High Chair Seat

We bought a really expensive high chair when Evelyn was around 5.5 months old in preparation for feeding her solids at six months.  Even after all the research we did, I ended up hating it.  Instead we have constantly used this little high chair seat that we had originally bought for travel convenience/for me to have at the office.  I love it.

7. Pandora

Ok, so this isn’t really a product exactly.  But we love Pandora Toddler (and Raffi) radio.  Evelyn LOVES music and loves dancing, and this is on at our house pretty much every day.

8. Pedipeds

I have been worried about getting Evelyn to wear shoes for awhile now.  Back in the winter she was always taking off her socks, and over the summer we mostly went barefoot.  We had a cute pair of sandals that we put her in occasionally for looks, but she was not a fan of having something on her feet.  With her starting to take a couple of steps though, I knew I needed to get her shoes as soon as possible.  From the research I did, Pedipeds are an ideal first shoes: they have a soft sole, which is best for babies learning to walk.  And the best thing is she doesn’t mind having them on her feet at all!  Also they are so cute (and I have my eye on a pair for winter too…which as the weather cools down I apparently need to buy soon).

9. Lamb mat

We received this as a gift at a baby shower, and while I always thought it was adorable and I loved being able to lay Evelyn on it when she was a newborn, it surprised how much she loves it even now.  She crawls over to it all the time and just lays down on it to feel how soft it is.

10. Megabloks

I love these blocks.  They are a toy that we play with now, and that I’m sure we will use for years.  Right now our play consists of me building towers and Evelyn tearing them apart, as well as her just loving to pull all the blocks out of the bag.  But I know this is a toy that she will grow into and will just get more fun with age.

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