cookies and cream cake {+ our weekend}


cookies and cream cake

After the week we had last week, I was feeling pretty depleted on Friday.  While Evelyn has learned how to walk, she has apparently forgotten how to nap, and so she and I had a week of lots of crying and stress and frustration.  Needless to say, I was ready for a weekend in which Gerrit would be home and I could pass naptime duties off to him.  That was really all I wanted out of my weekend, but it exceeded those expectations.

We had dinner with Gerrit’s parents and brother (who was home from college for the weekend) on Friday night.  Gerrit went to a late movie Friday night, which gave me some time to chill in bed and read and watch House Hunters, which if I’m being honest is basically my favorite way to spend a Friday night.  Saturday morning we had waffles for breakfast (thanks to batter I halfway prepped the night before…recipe hopefully coming soon once I test it out another time or two).  Then we got a few chores done, I iced this cake, and we went to celebrate my brother’s birthday at my parents’ house and spend an afternoon watching football, which was really the only thing to do on such a dreary day.
cookies and cream cake
Sunday I went to church to teach Sunday School (Gerrit and I have been leading the high school class, which we are loving), and left Gerrit and Evelyn at home to have a lazy morning/give Evelyn some nap consistency.  From the outside looking in it seems like I had the more involved task that morning (since I actually had to get out of the house and put my brain together for something), but there was nothing more relaxing than driving to church by myself, listening to a podcast, and not holding my breath waiting for Evelyn to decide she is upset because I’m not close enough to her (that has been the theme of our week, I think).  Then to add lovely to wonderfulness, Gerrit took Evelyn out of the house for the afternoon leaving me with time to get a few things done in peace.
And then it all ended with another slice of cake.
It was one of those weekends that felt both productive and relaxing at the same time, which are always the best kind.  And they are even better when they involve cake.
cookies and cream cake


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  1. I just wanted to say how amazing this frosting recipe was, it’s one of the best frosting recipes I’ve used. Tons of compliments and will definitely make it again. Thanks for sharing!!

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