pasta with sausage and tuscan beans {updated}


pasta with sausage and tuscan beans

The truth about fall is this: it is my favorite season to cook in.  I think that generally speaking (although I could be wrong), summer is usually a favorite for a lot of people, what with all the fresh fruits and the tomatoes.  But I am not a fruit and especially not a tomato person.  I love the homemade ice creams, and I’m always happy to have chicken marinating in the fridge ready for the grill; but the food of summer isn’t magic to me like the food of fall is.

In fall we get to start eating heartier.  We get squash, and creamy pasta dishes, and warm muffins, and my favorite pie.  We get to start thinking about what we’ll make for Thanksgiving and then Christmas, which I am perfectly happy to spend one to two months doing.  In fall we get pot roasts and soups and meals that don’t just feed you; they warm you, body and soul.

My fall cooking and baking list is really much longer than I have time for, because even if we get to extend it into winter (which is really a lot of the same favorite foods), by the time March rolls around I think I will have much more I wish I had had time and energy for and it will all have to be saved for the next year.

But even with an ever increasing “new” recipe list, I have so many fall/winter favorites that I return to again and again.  Pasta with sausage and tuscan beans is one of them.  It is creamy and comforting with a bit of spice from the sausage.  It is a hearty one-dish meal that I love on fall evenings when the temperature is just starting to dip.  And sure, you could probably make this in the spring and summer and it would be perfectly good, but sometimes it’s nice to have dishes that we save for certain season.

pasta with sausage and tuscan beans


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