things i’m loving lately {october 2015}


Evelyn Walking

This is big news in our house!  In the past week, she has gone from wobbling uncertainly around to full fledged walking, and it is adorable.  And she is so proud of herself!

My freezer

I’ve always appreciated my freezer–I’ve long stocked up on meat and chicken on sale and put it in the freezer, I always keep my nuts in the freezer, and of course, there is ice cream.  But feeding Evelyn has given me a new appreciation for my freezer because all kinds of things are going into it now…in fact, I may have to have a post all about this coming up!

The Great British Baking Show

Ok, I think I might be late to the party on this one, but I love this show, which is coming on PBS right now.  It is a British competition baking show, and I find it both fascinating and refreshing.  It’s so much less intense than American baking shows, everyone is so much nicer, and the baking information and challenges are so interesting.  (PS–I think you can watch episodes on PBS’s website, too.)

My car box

Recently Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life had a post about having a car bag instead of a diaper bag, and I thought it was genius!  In recent weeks I’ve felt irritated at lugging the diaper bag around…I so rarely use anything in it while we’re out except for a diaper and wipes.  But having a car bag/basket is perfect.  I’ve put things we might need (but don’t regularly need) while we’re out in it: extra diapers and wipes, a change of clothes, sunscreen, bugspray, diaper cream, a towel, plastic bags for dirty diapers, some extra waters, a rain jacket, and a blanket.  Then I just have to stick a diaper and a small thing of wipes in my purse, and for most outings we’re good to go.  (Not that the diaper bag is gone from our lives…there are still instances where we use it.  But I don’t need it every day.)

The Skimm

I recently subscribed to The Skimm, and I have to say….I really like it.  I have not been good about keeping up with the news recently. I used to watch the news all the time in the morning, but it has become too much for me to handle for multiple reasons.  I also used to listen to the news in the car in the morning…but I’m rarely in the car in the morning now.  Enter The Skimm…it gives you a brief overview of the main stories, explains the background to some of the stories, and does a great job of presenting what all sides are saying about issues.  It is perfect and exactly what I need so I don’t feel like I have my head in the sand.

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