baked ham and cheese sliders


baked ham and cheese sliders

So I know I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to improve my football food game (unintentional, sorry) and then there was nothing.  And now, much to the dismay of Gerrit (and me honestly because how is time moving so quickly this fall?), we are in the last month of college football season.  I don’t mind it so terribly much, because Auburn’s season hasn’t been that great and once we get through football season we get Christmas, but still…October through December are my favorite three months of the year generally, and we are moving through them so fast.

But I digress.  Football food.  Particularly sliders, which are a great football party food because a) easy to make and b) easy to eat in front of the TV.  I’ve made these a couple times this season until I finally found the combo I liked best (adding spanish pork and taking the mustard out of the sauce).

And I know there are only like 3 games of the regular season left for college football, but some of the biggest games are yet to come, so if you’d like some other football food ideas, here are some of my other favorites:

rosemary roasted chickpeas
sausage stuffed mushrooms
savory chicken drumettes
baked potato soup
tailgate tea
brown butter blondies
monster cookies

baked ham and cheese sliders


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