mini chocolate croissants {updated}

mini chocolate croissants

Somehow, despite the fact that we already have so much going on and we have a toddler, Gerrit and I seem to be adding more things to our lives right now.  I know…it doesn’t make sense.  But at the same time, it makes perfect sense.  So much of our lives right now revolves around Evelyn, which is great and wonderful and joyful, but leaves a bit to be desired when we’ve had the same conversation about nap time and cabinet latches for the thousandth time (note to self: add researching a new baby gate to the to-do list) and I’ve listened to Wheels on the Bus ten times in a day.

So Gerrit and I have been doing some different things that involve different people and actual conversations and no children present.  One of the things we’ve somehow signed up to do is to teach the High School Sunday School class at our church.  They put out the call for volunteers over the summer and when no one signed up…and then weeks passed and still no one signed up…Gerrit and I looked at each other and said “Maybe we should do this?”

The cool thing is that we’ve known some of these kids for awhile.  Some of them were our campers when we met working as counselors at summer camp.  It’s a small group, but they are some awesome people.

All this to say, teaching Sunday School has had me revisiting some of my favorite breakfast treat recipes.  I’ve been baking something for them each week (minus the weeks we’ve decided to just stop and get donuts), and so far I think these mini chocolate croissants have been the most popular.  So much so that I can’t believe I kind of forgot about them for awhile.  But they’re so worth having in your arsenal for a brunch treat: they are so simple to make, require only 3 ingredients really (if you don’t count the flour you sprinkle on your counter), and are so buttery and sweet and flaky that despite doubling the recipe and only having about 5 total people a few weeks ago, every single one of these was gone by the end of class.

mini chocolate croissants


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