oven fried chicken {updated}


oven fried chicken

If I had to pick a post from the archives that would have gone viral, I would have guessed something sweet.  I would have also guessed it would be something with decent photographs.  Something like peanut butter torte.  Or homemade moose tracks ice cream.

But no, it has been oven fried chicken, which I posted at the infancy of this site and which has some of the worst pictures around.

I feel a little guilty about this because I feel like the title “oven fried chicken” is a bit misleading.  It makes it sound like fried chicken that is actually baked in the oven; and while it is, it is also fried chicken that is actually fried.  What I mean is this: the chicken is fried so you get the crispy skin of fried chicken, and then it is baked so the chicken stops absorbing oil and the excess oil drips off.  Which means you are still eating fried chicken, but perhaps it is slightly healthier.

Really though I think it is better than traditionally fried chicken (and not as intimidating to make).  It doesn’t seem so greasy, and I think the skin is just as delicious, if not crispier from drying out in the oven a bit.

So here is an updated version of the recipe and pictures.  The pictures still aren’t as good as they probably could be (turns out fried chicken isn’t the easiest subject), but considering I’ve been trying to re-share this recipe with you for about two months now and kept running into obstacles (once I wasn’t thinking and tried to put the chicken in at 260 instead of 360), we’re going to go with it. Enjoy.

oven fried chicken


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