2015 favorites


Here are some of my favorites of 2015, in order of when I experienced them…

favorite food 2015

Favorite memories of 2015:

  • Watching Evelyn learn to crawl–it would seem like her learning to walk would be the more memorable moment, but really it was such a gradual process that I don’t remember the exact moment she was officially walking.  Crawling is a different story though–one day she decided she wanted something and she just took off!
  • Beach trip with my family–a week of relaxing, but also learning what it means to take a “vacation” with a kid
  • Evelyn turning one–she had such a fun birthday party and it was such a wonderful (and also emotional) week
  • Anniversary trip with Gerrit to Asheville–so. much. good. food.

Favorite foods I made in 2015:


favorite books 2015

Favorite books I read in 2015:

  • Seating Arrangements–I think Maggie Shipstead is a fantastic writer…I savored every bit of this book about the dramas surrounding a family on their daughter’s wedding weekend.
  • What Alice Forgot–a fun read about a woman who hits her head and forgets the last decade of her life.  It’s a light and quick read, but also poignant.
  • The Royal We–a purely fun read that is basically a re-imagining of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship.
  • The Folded Clock–hands down my favorite book of the year, but I say that hesitantly because it’s not for everyone.  It’s unlike anything I’ve read before, but I adored it (and I think I want to re-read it over and over).
  • Kitchens of the Great Midwest–A story of a chef named Eva told from the perspective of different people at different times in her life.


favorite movies 2015

Favorite movies I saw in 2015:

  • The Hundred Foot Journey–a perfect movie for anyone who loves food and heartfelt stories
  • Much Ado About Nothing (Joss Wheden)–a modern take on Shakespeare.  My favorite piece of trivia about this movie is that it was Joss Whedon’s way of winding down after making The Avengers (via an NPR piece I heard that I can’t find now).  He invited some of his favorite actors to his house and they shot the film in less than 2 weeks.
  • Interstellar–Sci Fi and mind blowing.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens–yes, it is worth all the hype.  And I say that as someone who watched the original trilogy over and over again as a kid.

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