a month of meals {november 2015}


a month of meals november 2015

Here’s what we ate this month.  I think this will be the last post for now in the “month of meals” series.  Part of me wants to round out the year and do December, but part of me wants to move on to new things with the blog in 2016 (and that’s the part that’s winning out right now).  I hope you’ve enjoyed it though!

{An explanation as to why I’m doing this can be found in January 2015.}

{Past months: January 2015 : February 2015 : March 2015 : April 2015 : May 2015 : June 2015 : July 2015 : August 2015 : September 2015 : October 2015}

Nov 1roasted red pepper pasta

Nov 2–sausage stuffed acorn squash
Nov 3–Chick-fil-a (I had a meeting and grabbed Chick-fil-a, and Gerrit and Evelyn went over to eat with Gerrit’s parents)
Nov 4–dinner with my parents–pork loin, roasted winter vegetables
Nov 5baked rigatoni with meatballs
Nov 6–leftovers, roasted broccoli
Nov 7baked ham and cheese sliders, sweet potato fries
Nov 8–leftovers

Nov 9–dinner at friends’ house–chicken cordon bleu, potato gratin, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, brownies and pumpkin squares
Nov 10–dinner with Gerrit’s parents–lemon chicken soup
Nov 11–dinner with my parents–fish (and I’m sure something else, but that’s all I wrote down)
Nov 12pasta with sausage and tuscan beans
Nov 13–leftovers
Nov 14–I made my mom a big birthday dinner–red wine braised short ribs, roasted carrots and parsnips, farro with mushrooms, and 14 layer cake
Nov 15–leftovers

Nov 16mushroom marsala pasta
Nov 17–dinner with Gerrit’s parents–pizza
Nov 18–chicken pesto panini
Nov 19–dinner at friends’ house (for some pre-wedding festivities for a friend’s wedding)–BBQ, brown butter blondies
Nov 20–steak at the wedding rehearsal dinner
Nov 21–wedding
Nov 22–sandwiches

Nov 23–pizza at friend’s kid’s birthday party
Nov 24–roast beef panini
Nov 25chicken and biscuit cobbler, fall fruit salad, 14 layer cake from my freezer
Nov 26–THANKSGIVING at my parents’ house–turkey (both smoked and fried in some kind of new oil-less frying contraption), gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, dressing, sweet potato casserole, cauliflower gratin, cranberry apple bake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie
Nov 27–leftovers
Nov 28–turkey sliders with cheese and baked ziti (we ate at my parents’ and watched the Iron Bowl)
Nov 29–greek chicken noodle soup

Nov 30–thanksgiving leftovers


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