holiday gift list 2015

holiday gift list 2015

I don’t for a second think that I can give you a be-all end-all gift guide for Christmas (I can’t).  But I had fun putting together a list of just a few things that I think make great gifts and might help you with that person your stumped by.  Every single one of these items is either something I have given as a gift or received as a gift and really really love (and p.s.–only one of these is an affiliate link).

1. Apron from Imagine Goods

First of all, Imagine Goods is a company that gives survivors of human trafficking employment.  I always love being able to give gifts that benefit other people as well and aren’t just mass produced items (although I give plenty of those, too).  I gave my mom one of these aprons earlier this year, and she loves it.  My mom and I both like aprons that protect as much clothing as possible, and these go up to the neck and have nice wide straps.  And they are all so cute!

2. Dinner the Playbook

One of my favorite cookbooks and one I think everyone should have on their shelf.  This is a manual for easy and quick family dinners.  We have several favorite recipes that have come out of this book (i.e. korean short ribs and pasta with bacon, brussels, and ricotta).

3. Gift from Heifer International

Making a donation to a company can be a great gift for the person who really doesn’t want anything, especially when you can tell them specifically that the gift helped a family to buy chickens or honey bees.  There is someone in our family who often requests these kinds of things, and Heifer International is one of the non-profits we’ve used several times.

4. Tie the Knot tie from Tie Bar

I (sorry, Evelyn) gave Gerrit one of these ties for Father’s Day this year and he loves it.  Tie the Knot Ties is Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s line of ties at the Tie Bar, and part of each purchase goes towards Tie the Knot, which is his organization working for LGBT equality around the world.

5. Clutch/Make-up bag from Three Cords

I got one of these bags a few years ago and have given several since then.  I love them!  They are adorable and make the perfect little travel make-up back.  Like Imagine Goods, Three Cords is another company that works to benefit others.  They employ people with disabilities and at-risk women in Haiti.  (PS–I’ve noticed a lot of these are sold out, but hang on to the link because my guess is they will be replenishing their stock.)

6. Liberty Puzzles

My in-laws are OBSESSED with these, and when we went to the beach with my family over the summer we did several of them as well.  Liberty Puzzles aren’t just your typical jigsaw puzzles–they are wooden puzzles with intricate designs.  The pieces are anything from abstract shapes to people, and they all fit together not only to make the puzzle but often to make miniature scenes among themselves (like a guy looking through a telescope at a star that is several pieces away).  They are a little pricey, but if you are a puzzle lover you will fall in love with them.

Hope this gives you some ideas for those people you are still trying to figure out gifts for!

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  1. Lois Anne December 7, 2015 at 2:12 am |

    I loved the three-cords bag you gave me the Christmas before last. I had it when I visited at Thanksgiving.


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