things i’m loving lately {january 2016}


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Whole Foods Chocolate Truffles

We have a new Whole Foods in town, which means I now have access to chocolate truffles.  Dangerous.  It sounds silly, but when we lived in Houston I have a distinct memory of standing in Whole Foods on a bad day and taking a sample of a chocolate truffle and it almost making me cry it was so good.  If I could only have one chocolate treat in my pantry, this is it.


I know I’m technically a little late to the trend, but I got two coloring books for Christmas (Secret Paris and Beauty in the Bible Volume 2, if you’re curious) and I love them.  I don’t have a lot of time for coloring; but when we’re watching a TV show I can half pay attention to or a football game I’m not particularly tied to, it’s the perfect time to pull them out.

LED Candles

Another Christmas present I’m loving.  I got some that have a timer so they come on around 5:00 every evening and go off around 10:00, which adds a bit of brightness to the dark winter days.


Ok, the truth is I have a love/hate relationship with Blogilates.  I love the workouts–how they focus on certain areas, how short they are so that you can do one or combine several together, and the 30 day challenges.  But the peppiness of it all is a bit much for me.  I can get past it though for how great the workouts are and how much they fit where I am right now (aka…sometimes I only have five minutes, but I can do something).  (PS–I still love Yoga with Adrienne so very much, but needed something to add in some cardio and toning, which is where Blogilates came in.)

The Best American Short Stories 2015

One of my goals for the new year is to read more short stories.  I love short stories, but I don’t read them consistently…usually only when I have a collection from a certain author.  But this year I have the 2015 issues of The Best American Short Stories and my plan is to read one short story between each book that I read.  So far I’ve only read two of the stories, but it’s a new habit that I’m already so happy I’m doing.

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