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links worth reading

I few links that I think are worth reading:

The Norwegian Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter (I’ve been trying to keep this in mind over the past month)

” ‘One of the things we do a lot of in the States is we bond by complaining about the winter,’ says Leibowitz. ‘It’s hard to have a positive wintertime mindset when we make small talk by being negative about the winter.’  This is easy enough to change; simply refuse to participate in the Misery Olympics.”

Ordinary Work

That’s what my ordinary work has become for me, an embodied prayer, a way of holding space for all that is broken while my hands work towards creating a bit of cleanliness, a bit of order, a bit of beauty around me.

How Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health

” ‘Reading can offer richer, broader, and more complex models of experience, which enable people to view their own lives from a refreshed perspective and with renewed understanding,’ says Billington. This renewed understanding gives readers a greater ability to cope with difficult situations by expanding their ‘repertoires and sense of possible avenues of action or attitude.’ “

I Used to Think I Wanted Peace in Faith (I have been coming back to this one over and over in the past weeks)

While carrying a sleeping toddler, while questioning Him in and outside of the church gates, and from inside my priviledge of safety, God’s presence insisted that I engage, rather than pull away.

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