hazelnut cake


hazelnut cake

I’ve decided that my favorite kinds of recipes to bring into my kitchen are the recipes that other people have already made and I have eaten and loved so much that I have to make it myself.  That’s how I got the recipe for the butternut squash and sausage pasta.  And that’s how I got the recipe for this cake.  A co-worker of mine made it for our office Christmas party, I ate two slices, and now, here we are.

hazelnut cake

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I always keep hazelnuts in my freezer.  Even though they could be available year round, I suppose my grocery store thinks that people only buy them at Christmas.  And so, when they appear in the bins for sale for a few short weeks during December, I stock up my freezer for cookies and cakes like this and my ultimate goal of finding the perfect hazelnut gelato recipe.

And now, since I’ve made this cake and it was so easy and so delicious, I’m pretty worried that my 1.5 bags I have left will not last me until next December.  (I might need to look for another local store that stocks hazelnuts year round.)

Just a note about the hazelnuts here: you can toast them but you don’t have to.  I toasted mine when I made this.  I let them steam in a towel and then rubbed most of the dark brown skins off.  You don’t have to do this though.  My friend who made it for our party said she was pretty sure she didn’t toast the hazelnuts first (although she sometimes does) and frankly, I thought it was one of my favorite cakes either way.

hazelnut cake


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