mushroom lasagna {updated}


mushroom lasagna

I’ve been planning for a while to come back and re-photograph my favorite lasagna, but through the coincidence of not thinking through my grocery list a couple of weeks ago (and therefore not having enough lasagna noodles), I actually ended up with a slight twist to the recipe and decided I like it even better.

The change here is really simple: instead of finishing the lasagna with a layer of noodles and and then some sauce and cheese, I just cut it off with the last regular layer.  This gives you more sauce and mushrooms and cheese on the top of the lasagna and doesn’t result in what I feel is a rubbery last layer of noodles that bakes and dries out more than it should.  Of course, if you like this last layer of noodles, go for it.  I will try not to judge you.

mushroom lasagna

I feel like this recipe is a little out of place right now.  It’s suddenly warmed up drastically (it’s almost 80 degrees today! I had to go buy Evelyn some emergency warm weather clothes because I hadn’t stocked up yet!), which means it doesn’t particularly feel like lasagna season right now.  I’m eager to break out the grill, which we admittedly have not been great about using this winter.  I’ve been cooking some lighter spring dishes (some more posts to come in a couple of weeks) and last week we just tried out my new sous vide (with some pretty amazing results).  I am all ready for a new season and the opportunity to breakout of the food rut I feel like I got into at the end of February.  But  I didn’t want this beautiful lasagna to get left out until next winter, so here we are.  Now on to Spring.

mushroom lasagna


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