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blue paint samples

1) I had a story published in Hypertrophic Literary which is a really awesome a beautiful magazine.  The story is probably my favorite thing I have written to date.  You can buy a copy on Amazon, or you can get a digital copy here if you’re interested.

2) Our house is officially on the market.  Moving (just to a different area of town) is something we’ve been theoretically talking about (but mostly joking about) for a long time now.  And suddenly in March the time seemed right, like we just needed to jump into the deep end and see what happens.  We spent the last half of March touching up paint and mulching flower beds and changing doorknobs.  So…we’ll see what happens.

3) We have been out of town so much and I’m ready for that to slow down.  Gerrit has had two business trips, we went to Nashville, and I’ve had two trips to Florida.

4) In the midst of all these trips, our household has also battled a stomach virus.  You don’t need more details than that.

5) This something I would normally never do, but y’all.  It is so important to me.  Camp Maranatha, which I would easily say is one of the most important places in the world to me, is in danger of being closed.  It’s a place I went to all of my childhood, a place where I feel like some of the core parts of who I am were formed, and it is where Gerrit and I met and started dating.  Gerrit and I have spent a lot of time and emotional energy recently trying to do what we can to save it and make sure it thrives for the next generation (they need a lot of money by the end of this month).  We want Evelyn to go there and have the opportunity to love it as much as we do.  There’s been an online donation page set up here, if you are at all interested in donating.  Gerrit has also set up a centralized website for information/donating at

And now, hopefully life will settle down just a little bit.  Well, unless our house sells soon, which would be good but another few months of chaos. ;)

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