things i’m loving lately {april 2016}


(hobbit house at our local botanical gardens)

Getting Out of my Cooking Rut

Perhaps it was because of the craziness of the month of March and into April (see previous post), but I have been in a major food/cooking rut recently.  We had been eating the same things for dinner and I hadn’t done any baking.  But I’ve emerged from some kind of cave, because in the past week I’ve tried three new recipes and we got three Blue Apron meals (so much fun!).  It’s fun to feel excited about being back in the kitchen again.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

We bought this a couple of months ago and every time I’ve needed it I have been so glad to have it, especially because I never felt like the thermometers we had around the house were accurate.  The Kinsa thermometer plugs into your phone and works via an app.  You can track temperatures and symptoms in it, which has been awesome.  And it even has little bubbles to pop on the screen while it’s taking a temperature, which Evelyn has loved.

Writing Podcasts

I’ve found two new-to-me writing podcasts that I’ve really been enjoying recently (like I need more podcasts in my life).  One is Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach which is a 3-6 minute podcast with tips and tricks for writing from motivation to practicalities.  The other is 10 Minute Writers Workshop, which interviews authors about writing habits and experiences and advice.

Botanical Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens this weekend and decided to buy a membership mostly because they have so many activities for children there.  We were there for several hours and probably one did about 1/4 of the children’s garden and even less of the regular garden.  And supposedly they have great children’s splash pads for the summer, as well, so I’m looking forward to what this means for the coming season.

Evelyn Cooking

Evelyn is obsessed with helping me cook recently.  Like every time I go to the kitchen, she starts dragging her chair over to stand next to me.  Sometimes her “help” is perfect and I can let her stir things or put vegetables on a sheet pan.  But other times, I need her to be otherwise occupied.  Luckily so far if I put some flour in a bowl and hand her a spatula and the closed vanilla container (she likes to make sure everything has plenty of vanilla), she’s pretty happy.  Bonus to all of this: it is absolutely adorable.

And to balance it all out, a few things I am definitely not loving lately: having our house on the market/feeling like we need to keep it clean all the time and then not having showings; toddler tantrums

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