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cape san blas florida
We just spent the past week in Cape San Blas, FL and now are having a hard time adjusting back to normal life (luckily…we have another travel adventure coming later in the summer!).  We were at the beach with Gerrit’s entire family, and in a way it was an exciting trip as it felt like we were sending a lot of the family into their summer adventures.  Gerrit’s youngest brother and his girlfriend got engaged, and then left to go their separate ways for the summer (he’s doing an internship, she is working in Kenya).  Gerrit’s dad got a new job offer.  We found out about our travel adventure we get to take next month.

It was a fun week.  I spent a lot of time reading in the hammock we had (I read an almost 500 page book in 3 days!).  Two days the gulf was SO very clear and calm and the best for swimming.  Gerrit’s parents helped us put Evelyn down for naps and for bed so that we didn’t lose our minds too much (the sleep battle continues now that we are home and I curse the day we decided taking her pacifier away wouldn’t be that big of a deal).

cape san blas florida

Cape San Blas is very similar to St. George Island (where we usually go with my family).  The sunsets are prettier, but the beach is slightly more narrow.  Apparently it almost disappeared 10 years ago, and they had to haul up a bunch sand from the ocean and make new dunes and everything so people didn’t lose their houses.

weber's little donut shop cape san blas fl
We had good meals.  Everyone made stellar food when it was their night for dinner and we snacked entirely too much the whole week (I feel like my body is on detox now).  We had donuts from Weber’s Little Donut Shop two mornings, and while they were good the best part was the fried croissants which blew my mind.  (FYI they open at 7:30 a.m. and close when they run out of donuts.) We also had lunch at the Apalachicola Seafood Grill where I had a delicious grouper sandwich and everyone else loved their food as well.  And of course we went across the street for gelato.

Really the week was all about relaxing, which I felt that I was able to do relatively well even with a toddler in tow.  (I am forever grateful for how much family we had to entertain her/help take care of her so we didn’t have to be on duty 100% of the time.)

Now back to real life.


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